Forfaiting – Trade Finance

Forfaiting is a method of trade financing which engages buying and discount of future payment promises without recourse basis. Forfaiting is a flexible method that can be applied to various types of trade receivables like commodities and services. We contribute from early negotiation of a deal to conclusive financial reimbursement for discount with no recourse of short and long payment terms, represented by letter of credit , bonds, promissory note, bill of exchange.

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Key features

  • Discounting without recourse of the deferred payment
  • The debt is usually stand for bills of exchange, documentary letters of credit, standby letters of guarantee, promissory notes
  • Transaction amount can vary from EUR 100,000 to EUR 10,000,000 debts instruments accepted in Euro

Forfaiting advantages

Improve cash flow:
exporters will receive cash payment while offering credit terms to their clients
Removes risk:
eliminate political, transfer and commercial risk for long term and credit payment
Improve competitiveness:
exporters by offering long term payment terms to their customers make their products more desirable.